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Black Background
Hi, I'm
Dr. Crystal Clarke.

I work with individuals and institutions interested in transforming organizational culture and building more human-centric and connected communities. Institutions that have sought my partnership are often looking for executive coaching to support leadership development, systems change and culture change as well as tailored solutions to meet organizational needs. The applications of this work have included:

  • Transforming organizational cultures to create more human-centric work environments

  • Systems change analysis of organizations to identify and address obstacles to optimal structural and cultural performance  

  • Interpersonal, intergroup and stakeholder relationship building/repair

  • Executive level leadership coaching

  • Workshops on building connection across social divides 

  • Revision of onboarding, retention and professional development review/evaluation processes

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion coaching 

  • Social-emotional learning x anti-racism curriculum and program development

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Keyboard and Mouse

Dr. Clarke earned her doctorate from

New York University (NYU) and has
dedicated her research and practice to understanding human connection, what gets in the way and how to foster it. Dr. Clarke served as
 Director of the Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity (PACH) at NYU as well as the Director of the Listening Project, a NYC school-based intervention designed to foster greater human connection, listening and empathy among and between students, teachers and families.



More About Me
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