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Black Background

Dr. Clarke has spent nearly 15 years working with leaders and educators to support organization development and culture transformation. With her keen eye for strategy and design and her commitment to creating more humanizing work environments, Dr. Clarke has helped countless clients realize their full potential through improving their systems, processes and work culture.


Institutions that seek her partnership are often looking for management consulting services to facilitate systems and culture change in their organizations. Applications of this work have included:

  • Organizational strategic planning

  • Operational efficiency and process improvement

  • Change Management - Transforming organizational systems and culture for optimal performance 

  • Interpersonal and intergroup conflict / stakeholder relationship building and repair

  • Leadership development & executive coaching

  • Implicit bias trainings & building connection across social divides 

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion coaching 

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Keyboard and Mouse

Dr. Clarke is a certified Change Management Practitioner that uses science backed methodology  to create change management strategy and plans
that enable individual and organizational transformation. 


Dr. Clarke earned her doctorate from NYU in Social Psychology and has dedicated her research and practice to understanding human connection and how to create more humanizing spaces. Dr. Clarke sits on the faculty at Simmons College in the Department of Public Health.

Dr. Clarke served as the Director of the Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity (PACH) at New York University (NYU) as well as the Director of the Listening Project.




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