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  1. My work aims to encourage more human-centric work cultures and
    foster relationships and communities that recognize and honor
    the humanity in others. 

  2. I am passionate about doing work that builds bridges and connects individuals and 
    communities across social and structural divides. 

  3. I am passionate about doing work that deconstructs oppressive thinking, systems and behaviors that rob us of our humanity.
  4. It's important for me to help foster environments where everyone and particularly the most vulnerable feel seen, heard and are treated as fully human. 
  5. I believe deeply in the power of connection. People who are better connected to others and themselves live better, love better and work better. 
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I often partner with individuals and institutions including companies, schools, universities and non-profit organizations interested in executive coaching and systems and culture change, e.g. optimizing structural and cultural performance, fostering better connection, healing social divides, transforming "toxic" cultures, team building, etc.  After assessing personal and/or organizational needs, systems, challenges and historical pain points, I offer tailored solutions for creating healthier and more productive relationships, systems and environments.

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Workshops /


Sho​rt but intensive workshops and trainings designed to equip clients with the foundational skills they need to do the work of building connection in their personal and professional lives. 

  • Workshops/Trainings can be tailored to organizational or community needs.

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What does it take to connect better with other human beings? What gets in the way of human connection? What are skills I can learn to better connect with others and myself?  I offer a LIVE online course that is a deep-dive into the theory and science of human connection and facilitates practice of evidenced based tools for connection (18+).

  • Adapted course available for children: "Raising Conscious & Connected Citizens"


Crystal Clarke Consulting LLC

There are four pillars that are foundational to my approach towards building more connected individuals and communities:


  1. Self Awareness: Who are you?

  2. Other Awareness: What story are we telling ourselves about "the other"? What informs these narratives?

  3. Problem Assessment: What are the obstacles to better connection? What's the real problem?

  4. Humanization: How do we humanize to connect? What are the tools for connection? 


Who are you? Who do you want to be?

I believe the relationship we have with others is often a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. As such, any work to build community, foster connections or build bridges across social divides begins with the cultivation of self-awareness, mindfulness and social and emotional intelligence.


What story am I telling myself about "the other"?


Our relationship with others is rooted in the narratives we hold about who "the other" is and is influenced by a host of variables.


What ways do we limit others' story and obscure the full scope of their humanity.

What role do ideologies, stereotypes, social structures and identity play in our stories. 

What's the problem? And what's REALLY the problem?

Most of us are pressed to be able to truly articulate what irks us. What really triggers us about that person and where does it come from? The first step to resolving any disconnection is being able to identify the root cause. 


This is the biggy!

How do we allow others to be fully human? How do we offer grace and care to others, even in the throes of conflict, when we feel offended, disrespected or dehumanized ourselves. What can we actually DO to humanize others and better connect. 



"Dr. Clarke is a true innovator who has a remarkable gift of communication. She has a warm, open-minded approach to her work that creates transformative change in individuals, groups, and entire organizations. I have seen on numerous occasions an entire room of people engulfed in silent attention to her every word, struck by her wisdom and insight. She is able to work across diversity and difference with a compassion and grace that immediately allows people to feel welcome and open to learning new ways of working, interacting and being."

— Dr. Alisha Ali,

Associate Professor

Applied Psychology at New York University


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