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Crystal Clarke Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm that partners with  institutions including nonprofits, for-profit companies, schools, and universities, interested in organizational development and culture transformation. After assessing organizational needs, systems, challenges and historical pain points, I offer tailored solutions for creating healthier and more effective organizational systems, employee relationships and work environments. 

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Workshops /


Sho​rt but intensive workshops and trainings designed to equip clients with skills they need to do the work of transforming organizational systems, culture transformation and relationship building. Example of popular trainings/workshops: 


  • Implicit Bias

  • Empathic and Inclusive Leadership

  • Listening as a tool for culture transformation/relationship building

  • A more humanized approach to DEI

  • Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education 


Workshops/Trainings can be tailored to organizational or community needs. 

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What does it take to connect better with other human beings? What gets in the way of human connection? What are skills I can learn to better connect with others and myself?  I offer LIVE online courses that dive into the theory and science of human connection and facilitates practice with evidenced based tools for connection (18+).

  • Adapted course available for schools/children: "Raising Conscious & Connected Citizens"

Crystal Clarke Consulting LLC

I apply the fundamentals of Social Psychology, Equity and Inclusion, and Management Consulting to build more effective, productive and human-centric organizations.

Social psychology

Social Psychology is the study of how humans think, feel and behave towards one another. This branch of psychology seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual and group behavior, feelings and thoughts.


 EQUITY & inclusion

Equity and Inclusion practices a) foster environments where all people can feel valued and respected and b) create systems and procedures that are just, impartial and fair. 


Management Consulting is a practice of helping organizations improve their performance by addressing organizational problems and creating solutions. 


"Dr. Clarke is a true innovator who has a remarkable gift of communication. She has a warm, open-minded approach to her work that creates transformative change in individuals, groups, and entire organizations. I have seen on numerous occasions an entire room of people engulfed in silent attention to her every word, struck by her wisdom and insight. She is able to work across diversity and difference with a compassion and grace that immediately allows people to feel welcome and open to learning new ways of working, interacting and being."

— Dr. Alisha Ali,

Associate Professor

Applied Psychology at New York University


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