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Crystal Clarke Consulting LLC is a Management Consulting practice. Our mission is to support organizations in realizing their full potential. Guided by principles of social psychology, collaboration and equity & inclusion, we offer solutions that improve the systems, culture and effectiveness of organizations.

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Strategic Solutions


We partner with institutions to offer organizational development and culture transformation services.

  • Organizational Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Change management 

  • People & Culture Management

  • Project Management

  • Operational Efficiency & Process Improvement

 We offer tailored solutions for creating healthier and more effective organizational systems, employee relationships and work culture. 

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Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

  • Curriculum & Program Development

  • Generous Listening: A Model for Organizational Transformation

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Learning & Development

Trainings, Courses, Workshops:

  • Implicit Bias

  • Empathic and Inclusive Leadership

  • Communications in Crisis

  • Human Connection,
    Belonging & Othering

  • DEI: A Humanized Approach

  • Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education 

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Guided by principles of Social Psychology, Collaboration, and Equity & Inclusion, to build more effective, equitable and humanizing organizations.

Social psychology

We believe in a human-centric approach, where we listen to understand not only our clients’ needs but their social context and history. Plans are only as effective as the humans that use them. Understanding the psychology of human behavior is key.



We believe that thoughtful collaboration is vital to success in all organizations. When we work collectively, as a system, we are more effective and our results more sustainable.

 EQUITY & inclusion

We believe that equity and inclusion must be built into our systems, processes and culture. This allows organizations to create more humanizing institutions and broaden their impact.


"Dr. Clarke is a true innovator who has a remarkable gift of communication. She has a warm, open-minded approach to her work that creates transformative change in individuals, groups, and entire organizations. I have seen on numerous occasions an entire room of people engulfed in silent attention to her every word, struck by her wisdom and insight. She is able to work across diversity and difference with a compassion and grace that immediately allows people to feel welcome and open to learning new ways of working, interacting and being."

— Dr. Alisha Ali,

Associate Professor

Applied Psychology at New York University


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